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Case Study: Mr. Sponge

Product Benefits


- 3.5x greater lifespan than the 15,000 hours of metal halide lamp
- $1000 savings per year on energy cost and 100% maintenance cost savings
- 15-year lamp life supported by 5-year warranty


- 450W MH reduced to standard 150W LED
- 9,000 kWh saved annually from all 11 lamps


- 6,700 kg greenhouse gas reduction annually

Case Study


In October 2017, the client requested to improve his auto-detail business light levels. Measuring an estimate of 32 feet by 77 feet, the one-storey auto-detail premises are comprised of vehicle ingress and egress, main repair room, customer waiting area and closet space. Using a DLM2 light meter, the initial foot candle readings from the installed 11 metal halide (MH) lamps were 13-30 FC from the reference point. The end business goals of the client for his auto-detail lighting retrofit include improved work quality, increased efficiency and productivity leading to a concrete result of greater customer satisfaction and retention.


Starlight Lighting provided an effective solution by raising the lighting levels in excess of 50 FC. The step-by-step 3-week LED retrofit of the auto-detail started with the initial ocular visit, laser meter space measurement, provision of existing fixture layout to lighting designer and AutoCAD background development for lighting calculations. Manufactured by CSC LED Corp., the 150W 120V UL-listed LED high-bay would replace the 11 MH lamps and achieve on average over 51 FC. The LED fixtures which were ordered and installed in less than a week, exceeded the lighting calculations by 10 FC since the client mounted the lights one meter below the calculation points. With the strategic business goals accomplished, the client's net expenditure was less than $125 per fixture inclusive of federal taxes under BNI 01094 of Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program.

Case Study
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